Appealing against unfair decisions

Act quickly & comprehensively to reverse unjust decisions.

A Visa refusal or cancellation is not the end of the road. Unfair or wrong decisions by the department may be fixed through a successful appeal to either the Tribunal, directly to the Minister or the Federal Court. We’ll help you fight to fix unfair or wrong decisions.

Refusals or cancellations are not the end of the road

Fixing a failed application

A third of migration appeal cases succeed. But a great deal of legal expertise and professional time is often required to prepare good written and evidence-based submissions for an appeal.

Rest assured, we won’t risk our reputation or waste your money if we didn’t think there were reasonable prospects of success.

Our tested methods aim to help you get it right, right from the start.

How we work.

Free first interview

1Your first consultation with us is free of charge. Have your questions ready and we will tell you if we believe you have a good chance and how you can get started on the appeal.

We prefer to chat by phone, Skype or Viber. This first conversation may probably be the most important 15 minutes for planning your appeal.

In-depth analysis

2Details of your specific circumstances can make or break an appeal, therefore we will study your dealings with the department and request that you complete our detailed questionnaire so that we can consider your circumstances properly.

Your responses will not only help highlight your best qualifications but should also help alert us to issues that may require special attention. Failing to deal with such issues could be fatal. Given the professional time and analysis required, we charge a consultation fee for this stage. This fee is fully refunded when you choose to proceed to complete your application through us.

Professional Submissions

3 Preparing an evidence based professional submission is our main priority. We write comprehensive submissions to address complex criteria and deal with possible objections.

Importantly, we will help you tackle potential questions for the appeal. We take no chances with what we know is precious to you.

Professional Service Standards


Our supportive & responsive approach means we respond to clients’ queries at the earliest or by the next business day. It’s how we show we care.

Fixed Fees

So that you can confidently engage our services and expect no surprises, we are completely transparent with the costs for our professional services.

Lawyer's Advice

You can rest assured only an experienced & registered migration lawyer (MARN 0854080) using proven methods will look after you.


We focus on making solid legal submissions, that are tried and tested, to help get the best outcome possible.