Work Visa

Employer sponsored Visa

Work in Australia from 1 to 4 years with a Temporary Skills Shortage – sc 482 Visa


Unlimited extensions with a pathway to permanent residence.

WWORKERS NEED EMPLOYER SPONSORSHIP to apply for this visa. The process requires 3 separate applications: Sponsorship; Nomination; and Visa Application. Together, the process can take about 3-6 months, depending on the quality of the application and the issues involved. Family members can come along to work and study on the same visa. The TSS 482 visa has 2 streams; 2 years and 4 years – depending on your job. Gomez Lawyers can help review both the eligibility of you and your sponsor for this sc 482 visa. Contact Us.

Key Requirements

Key Requirements

  • Employer is an approved Sponsor.
  • Employer nominates an Occupation listed on the current Relevant Skills Occupation.
  • Employee demonstrates they are qualified in the nominated Occupation.
  • Vocational English (comparative to IELTS minimum score of 5).
  • Employer is an approved standard business sponsor.
  • Employer demonstrates that they cannot find an Australian to do the job.
  • Basic Health & Character test passed by all applicants on the visa.

Key Challenges

Failing to deal with these challenges can lead to refusals & cancellations.

  • Selecting the right occupation.
  • Job description must fit an occupation on the Relevant Skills Occupation.
  • Properly describing the job duties in the application & nomination.
  • Employees must be paid market rates which must be at least AUD$53,900 per annum.
  • New visa required if you change jobs or employer.
  • Employer record-keeping on salary, and training and hiring of Australians.
  • Relevant Skills Occupation can change without warning.

Tough Cases We Can Help With

Tough Cases We Can Help With

  • New company with no historical records needing foreign workers.
  • Small company with low turnover requiring foreign skills.
  • Companies seeking multiple foreign workers for short-term projects.
  • Nominating the right occupation and the appropriate visa class.
  • Dealing with refusals, cancellations or Employer audits.

Corporate Rates

We offer special rates to employers.

If you are an employer or a company we offer corporate rates. This is reserved for companies with multiple-employee processing needs. It is best for your company representative to discuss this with us directly.

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