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We’ll help you get the talent your business needs.

Compliance, complex requirements, and ever-changing visa laws need not derail your business, if you get professional help.

Sponsoring foreign talent is easier with expert help

Efficient, experienced, affordable

Staying on top of visa rules is what we do so that you can focus on your business. We’ll show you how to become a sponsor, maintain compliance obligations and apply for foreign talent visas.

Work visa applications do not need volumes of information. It needs the right type. The key is to address the complex criteria with an evidence based submission which deals with potential objections.

We help manage risks and get the foreign talent you need.

How we work.

FREE first interview

1Your first consultation with us is free of charge. Have your questions ready and we will tell you if we believe you have a good chance and how you can get started on a visa application.

We prefer to chat by phone, Skype or Viber. This first conversation may probably be your most important 15 minutes for planning your Visa pathway.


2Details of your specific circumstances can make or break an application, therefore we will request that you complete our detailed questionnaire so that we can consider your circumstances properly.

Your responses should not only help highlight the reasons why foreign talent is essential to your business but should also help alert us to issues that may require special attention. Failing to deal with such issues could be fatal. Too often, applicants fail because they pick the wrong occupation or just simply fail to properly address serious issues in their applications.

Given the professional time and analysis required, we charge a consultation fee for this stage. This fee is fully refunded when you choose to proceed to complete your application through us.

Professional Submissions

3 Preparing an evidence based professional application is our main priority. We also write comprehensive submissions to address complex criteria and deal with possible objections.

Importantly, we will tackle the department’s queries and provide you with ongoing advice. We take no chances with what we know is precious.

Service standards you can count on.


We respond to clients’ queries at the earliest or by the next business day. It’s how we show we care.

Fixed Fees

Once we give you a quote, we will stick to our price to help you confidently budget for our professional work.

Lawyer's Advice

Only an experienced & registered migration lawyer (MARN 0854080) will take care of your matter.


We focus on making solid legal submissions that are tried and tested, to help get the best outcome possible.