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Grow your busines with our Private Client Legal Services

Legal advice is vital to every business. More so when you are just starting out in a new country.  Our private client services offer special rates to help new migrants settle into Australia. We will help you grow your business on solid legal foundations.

We'll take care of the law, so that you can take care of business.

Get it right.
Right from the start.

SETTING UP AN AUSTRALIAN OFFICE, BUYING A BUSINESS OR INVESTING IN AUSTRALIA EXPOSES you to significant risks, unless you have legal guidance.

Our work will help guide your decisions through a structured path that avoids legal pitfalls with business partners, governmental agencies, suppliers, landlords, employees and clients. We help protect what is important to you and set you up for success.

Business Law Services

At Gomez Lawyers, we are genuinely driven to be part of your success.

Our Legal Services adds real value to businesses.

IF A SMALL BUSINESS IS NOT SETUP on solid legal foundations, then it opens itself up to substantial risks. This is because a single lawsuit can damage a viable business.

Our legal services are tailored to help a small business owner access essential legal services. We will show you how to limit your legal risks and exposure to loss. It’s vital for new migrants to Australia.

Gomez Lawyers has over 15 years of experience in Australian corporate and commercial law. Our expertise spans advising government agencies, multi-national corporations and franchises. Now we use this experience to help small business owners confidently setup and run their business operations in Australia.

We’ll take care of the law, so you can take care of business.

Our Business Law Services

    • Business start-ups and company setup
    • Buying or selling a business
    • Shareholders agreements
    • Employment agreements
    • Contract drafting and review
    • Lease negotiations
    • Dispute resolution
    • Debt recovery

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Our supportive & responsive approach means we respond to clients’ queries at the earliest or by the next business day. It’s how we show we care.

Fixed Fees

So that you can confidently engage our services and expect no surprises, we are completely transparent with the costs for our professional services.

Lawyer's Advice

Rest assured that only an experienced corporate and commercial lawyer using proven methods will look after your matters.


We don’t guarantee visas. No one can. We focus on making solid legal submissions, that are tried and tested, to help get the best outcome possible.