STUDENT Visas are often the first step in the pathway to a permanent visa. Many don’t realize that their initial application for a visa and subsequent conduct in Australia are critical for future visa applications, including permanent residency.

Things that can go wrong

The sistudy in australiample reason things go wrong is that Australian laws allow immigration officers to look at all the past visa applications made, the answers provided and documents produced for consistency, accuracy and truth when considering new applications. If there are inconsistencies then they can refuse the application for the new visa or cancel a visa already granted, be it a temporary or permanent visa.

Such an adversed decision has serious consequences: as a visa refusal or cancellation can lead to a 3 year ban on making further visa applications in Australia.

Things like issues with bank statements, school records, sources of funds in the application can affect future applications if the department discovers or is informed of inaccuracies

Dealing with changes during their stay in Australia, students also often get caught out when they change courses or educational institutions and do not properly inform the department and seek appropriate variations or even sometime the required new visa application.

At other times, failure to make adequate progress in their course or poor attendances can lead to queries by the department. There could even be questions about working beyond the 20 hours per week.

How a migration lawyer can help

Given these potential issues the dire consequences of visa cancellation or refusals, it is important that students maintain the assistance of a good immigration lawyer to help them navigate through issCaptureues that may arise and keep them on track to a permanent resident visa. Gomez Lawyers focuses on guiding students through their stay in Australia and dealing with issues and planning the permanent visa pathway. Start your first visa application with us and we will then provide you with ongoing support and guidance to help keep you on track to permanent residency.

Working with Gomez Lawyers As part our services we will help you deal with inquiries by the department; assist you in informing the department of changes in your circumstances; seeking variations to your visa conditions; providing comprehensive responses to the department’s inquiries; and making further visa applications as required.

When a visa is absolutely and positively important, it is important that you get it right, right from the start. Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. For detailed advice please

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